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Patrick Fitzgerald wants a 90-day delay to file Blago's indictment

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This saga already has gone on too long. But, via Ben Smith, we learn that U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has asked for a 90-day extension before he files the indictment against Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Ben asks a few questions:

More evidence? A weak case? Behind-the-scenes negotiations?
Tip O'Neill said all politics is local and we're certainly getting a look at the underbelly of Chicago politics. In politics, there's nothing worth than the local rivalries. Don't think for a minute that Congressman Bobby Rush isn't enjoying his chance to wreak a little revenge on Barack Obama, who challenged (and lost to) Rush in the 2000 Democratic primary. Rush didn't endorse his fellow South Sider in the 2004 Senate primary. And, you know Blago is loving the attention. He's THE national political story, which he always wanted, although not in this context. Now, some people are asking if Blago hasn't outsmarted us. You think he doesn't love that?

Chicago has always fascinated me. Politics is a such blood sport there. In 1984, I worked on the Mondale campaign. During the general election, I was stationed in Chicago working for my very good friend (then and still), Pat Eltman. The year before, Harold Washington was elected Mayor -- the first black mayor of Chicago. He was in a fierce and constant battle with Alderman Eddie Vrdolyak who, more importantly, was the chair of the Cook County Democratic Party. Fast Eddie, as he was called, became a Republican and is also now a convicted felon. Richie Daley, who lost to Washington in the 1983 Democratic primary for mayor, was the Cook County States Attorney. There was never a dull moment and all the excitement came from the intra-party squabbles. It was an amazing experience to see Chicago politics first-hand. And, some of the same players are still in the game.

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