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Gluttonous bigot keeps opening big mouth

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"Pastor" Rick Warren, the obese far-right homophobe who Barack Obama inexplicably invited to give the invocation at the inaugural swearing in, is doing more interviews, trying to put a soft face on his bigotry. Check out this latest quote from Warren:

"You don't have to see eye to eye to walk hand in hand," said Warren.
Maybe, but you do have to be able to walk in the front door in order to walk hand in hand, but Rick Warren explicitly bans gays from membership in his church. (I guess there's no room at the inn.) Warren doesn't have a problem, however, with Syrians. He thinks the Syrian government is "moderate" and a model for the world on how to treat Jews. Mind you, Syria is a terror state that is technically still at war with Israel. Maybe that's who Warren wants Barack Obama to walk hand in hand with, Jew haters.

So let's review. Barack Obama's buddy Rick Warren bans gays but loves Syrians. He also thinks Jews are going to hell. (I wonder if Rick Warren thinks that theory is also a model for how the world should treat Jews?) Anyone seeing a pattern here?

PS Here is why it's relevant that intolerant bigot Rick Warren is a glutton.

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