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Facebook bans breastfeeding photos

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Breastfeeding? Are they really banning photos of breastfeeding? Why not just throw a blanket over the "spirit of justice" and hide the shameful breasts? Facebook becomes loonier by the day. What a complete waste of space Facebook has become and the sooner it's left behind, the better.

Facebook has become the target of an 80,000-plus protest by irate mothers after banning breastfeeding photographs from online profiles.

Facebook's policy, which bans any breastfeeding images uploaded that show nipples, has led an online profile by protestors - called "lactivists" in some circles - called "Hey Facebook, breast feeding is not obscene".

The online petition, which accuses Facebook of instituting the policy to "appease the closed-minded", has attracted almost 82,000 supporters.

The actions of the group came to a head over the weekend when the protesters organised a virtual "nurse-in" on the social networking website where for a day angry supporters posted a profile picture of an image of a mother breastfeeding and changed their Facebook status to say "Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!".

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