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Calif. teen's family sues Cigna over transplant

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You remember this story. There one where health insurance provider Cigna chose to let a young girl die in 2007. I hope the family ends up owning Cigna. I've had it with insurance companies. I've been talking to more people about my health insurance fiasco, and it just hit me today - even though I have the best self-employed health care I can buy from Carefirst, I pretty much have no health coverage for prescription drugs, period. If I ever have the need for serious drugs, before the age of 65 (when Medicare kicks in), because I come down with something horrible like MS, or because I go to the hospital and catch some infection, I'm screwed. Companies like Cigna can go to hell, as far as I'm concerned. We desperately need the federal government to step in and guarantee coverage. If people want to stick with their current plants, God help 'em, but let them kill themselves and their families if they so choose. But for the rest of us, those of us who have finally gotten the details of our "coverage," and realized that we're basically screwed if we ever REALLY get sick, we need a safety net. And only the government can, and is willing, to provide it. (And for that matter, why don't self-employed plans have dental or vision coverage? When you're glasses are as strong as mine, I'm quite literally blind without them - how is that frivolous and not meriting coverage? Or my teeth? Yeah, who needs teeth anyway.)

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