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White House lost FIVE MILLION e-mails, CREW reveals

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FIVE MILLION e-mails were lost by the White House according to a just released report from CREW called "WITHOUT A TRACE: The Missing White House Emails and the Violations of the Presidential Records Act." FIVE MILLION...that's insane.

As I explained in the post below, Bush staffers have been already been using separate RNC e-mail accounts to conduct official business in order to avoid the law and hide evidence. How? Because White House officials are supposed to use White House email accounts and White House Blackberrys to conduct official business (this is required under federal law and under the White House's own explicit rules). That's because under federal law every single electronic communication of a White House official must be recorded and kept in the federal archives. That makes such communications subpoenable if and when those employees break the law. By using the RNC email system and the RNC Blackberrys the White House thought they were hiding their potential crimes, and in so doing were violating federal law. We learned only yesterday that the White House admitted that their employees destroyed countless emails. Now we know that by countless they meant 5 fricking million.

While nothing should shock us about the Bush administration anymore, this is shocking.

No wonder the Bush people can't run the country and can't come up with a plan for the war. They can't even figure out their own e-mail system (of course, they knew darn well what they were doing, they were destroying the evidence). They even knew it was a problem, but didn't bother to fix it. You know that a lot of those missing e-mails are things they don't want us to ever see. What a coincidence that they started losing those e-mails in March of 2003, right when the Iraq war was starting.

FIVE MILLION. He is truly the worst, and now most corrupt, president ever. He's even worse than any of us could have dreamed up.

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