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Susan Collins is very thin-skinned -- and she's already freaking out

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Word in Maine is that Susan Collins has a very thin skin. She cannot take criticism. In the past, she had a pretty compliant traditional media in Maine that bought her whole "I'm a moderate" spin. But her fealty to George Bush has made her vulnerable. And, she has to contend with the blogosphere this time around.

We posted the ad on Susan Collins from Americans United For Change earlier this week, but given the over-reaction from the Collins campaign, watch it again.

Susan's campaign responded with a 90-second video -- that quite frankly, doesn't make much sense. We still don't know where she stands on Iraq. She'll stand where ever George Bush and Trent Lott tell her to stand.

There's some great commentary on how we saw Susan Collins crack this week. The Maine Progressive blogs are really kicking on this one. Craig at Turn Maine Blue has posts here and here and Kay in Maine on her blog, White Noise Insanity, thinks the Maine GOP showed they are "nothing but bunch of cry babies". Also, Cliff Schecter weighed in. Cliff worked on the campaign against Susan in 2002 so knows of what he writes.

This is going to be a fun election to watch because Susan can't handle the truth -- and she can't handle the pressure.

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