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Pelosi tells Bush and Cheney: Enough with the tantrums

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Busy times for Democrats trying to get the President and his team to act like adults. Not easy for sure. In her own style, Pelosi lambasted the Bush administration for their misplaced attacks and just plain immaturity over her Syria trip.

After noting the GOPers, including Darrell Issa (CA), Frank Wolf (VA), Joe Pitts (PA) and Robert Aderholt (AL), who went to Syria without any hysterics from the White House, the NY Times reported:

Ms. Pelosi, in a telephone interview from Lisbon on Friday, said she could not account for the Bush administration’s assault, which she at one point equated to a tantrum. (She said her children were teasing her about Mr. Cheney’s accusation of bad behavior.) Defending her trip, Ms. Pelosi said that members of Congress had a responsibility to play a role in national security issues and that they needed to be able to gather information on their own, and not be dependent on the White House.

“I am used to the administration; nothing surprises me,” she said. “Having said that, I hope we can have the opportunity to convey to the president what we saw.”
And, then there's this gem, which we're learning is vintage Pelosi:
“I come back thinking, all right, we will get through their tantrum,” Ms. Pelosi said, in a reference to the administration, “but the fact is, we accomplished what we set out to do. I think we improved the understanding among the different parties.”
Bush and Cheney do throw tantrums when they don't get their way. When the GOP ran Congress, it worked. Not anymore.

Someone at CNN should show this article to Suzanne Malveaux. And someone at the Today Show should at least try to explain it in simple terms to Matt Lauer.

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