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Read what Imus said 3 weeks ago

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In one single show over 4 minutes, Imus and his producer hit on the following topics:

- Beating up faggots.
- Knocking over Jewish tombstones.
- Setting homeless bums on fire.
- Anderson Cooper taking it in the poop chute.
- Obama as a colored man.
- Homos.
- Wishing that some "sissy" on American Idol be the victim of a vicious hate crime.
- Shaving Rosie O'Donnell's bush, you'd need a weed wacker.

Note that it's Imus' usual shtick to let his producer be the bigot, with Imus repeatedly saying "no, no, no." Yeah - no no no - then doing the same shtick over and over and over again for years. Imus has been doing bigotry for over 7 years now that I've been following his show. His racist comments about the basketball team were the latest offensive, not the first.

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