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FDA wants to loosen regulations with irradiated food

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Forget about addressing core problems in the food industry, just zap it with some radiation and hope it all works out. Just ignore the issues about irradiating food such as the unknown long-term health effects on humans since testing is incomplete and don't think about the taste issues, because what does taste have to do with food? Another brilliant idea by the GOP run FDA who cares more about the Big Food industry and less about human consumers. Who wants to eat radiated food?

The FDA also proposed letting companies use the term “pasteurized” to describe irradiated foods. To do so, they would have to show the FDA that the radiation kills germs as well as the pasteurization process does. Pasteurization typically involves heating a product to a high temperature and then cooling it rapidly.

In addition, the proposal would let companies petition the agency to use additional alternate terms other than “irradiated,” something already allowed by the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 but that no firms have pursued, according to the FDA.
Yes, note the year 2002. These were high times for the GOP who delivered everything industry lobbyists wanted while ignoring concerns from consumers. Pick your issue and it's clear who the GOP sided with. Looking at the actions of the FDA during the Bush years and you could easily forget that they are there to protect consumers.

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