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CNN host says lesbians aren't really women

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Okay, at what point is CNN going to tell this asshole to knock it off? CNN, you have a bigot as a host. Glenn Beck has attacked Muslims, women, gays, blacks, and now he's yet again going after gays. He just, moments ago, on the air, questioned whether Rosie O'Donnell is really a woman. Actually, he didn't question it at all - he pretty much suggested that she isn't a woman. Rosie is a lesbian and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what he meant - you know, lesbians aren't real women, they're actually men - at least according to CNN.

CNN has hired a bigot as one of their hosts, and they have been informed time and again about the hateful crap this guy is spewing on CNN's dime. It's time the network stopped acting like FOX News. Best Buy, among others, have supported this bigot for too long. Please visit Chris Achorn's blog and help put an end this to ridiculous exercise in hate.

UPDATE: ThinkProgress has the video. It's subtle, but notice how Beck gives the wavy hand sign when he mentions that Rosie is "a woman" - it's the sign you give to mean "more or less" or "not really." Watch it.

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