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Anatomy of a gay Republican

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Like I've always said, gay Republicans are some seriously messed up people. RADAR online has an interview with conservative hero, and gay porn star hooker, Matt Sanchez. I'm sharing this because I think it's illustrative of the gay conservative closet (and most gay conservatives are still in such a closet regardless of how "out" they claim to be). It's like watching a therapy session, a very messy excruciatingly public therapy session, every time one of them talks (or writes).

Some of the juicy bits:

RADAR: You then became a right-wing cause celeb.

SANCHEZ: This is something you will hear a lot of on your side of the fence, you who have maligned me, when all I did was write an article about my experience and went on television to talk about it. I went on Fox News. It's curious that only Fox News was interested. CNN could have reported it, MSNBC could have reported it. I was on O'Reilly and Hannity & Colmes.
Yes, it is curious that only FOX News was dumb enough to get duped by a hypocritical gay man-whore porn star.
RADAR: So, you've appeared in gay porn films as both Rod Majors and Pierre LaBranche what's the difference between the two characters?

SANCHEZ: Okay, there is a current of homophobia involved here or at least self-loathing from the gay community. This is horrible. They are taking a situation and saying, "You're horrible because you suck c**k," and frankly, I don't ever remember sucking c**k on film, and it is not something that I ever enjoyed. [The left wing] is trying to discredit me because of these sexual acts.
So you didn't "inhale." And certainly didn't enjoy it. Uh huh. And by the way, no one on the left has a problem with Matt Sanchez giving and getting bj's, it's his own buddies at FOX News who have a problem with that.

Next we find out that GOP hero Matt Sanchez did not enjoy having sex with men.
RADAR: Matt, are you gay?

SANCHEZ: What's that?

RADAR: Are you gay?

SANCHEZ: No. I know this keeps coming up. I don't consider myself gay or a member of the gay community.

RADAR: If you watch Matt Sanchez in a movie with another guy and Matt Sanchez's d**k is hard, you'd think he must be having some fun.

SANCHEZ: Yeah, I think for someone who has sexual issues, yeah, maybe you would assume that.
People can f**k anything for god's sake. I mean, one of the big problems they had in Quebec was finding a top, quite frankly.
Yeah, you'd have to have some pretty serious sexual issues to think that a guy with an erection is enjoying himself or that a guy having sex with another guy is gay. Oh wait, next Sanchez tells us he DID enjoy having sex with men.
RADAR: Have you ever enjoyed sex with men?

SANCHEZ: Did I enjoy sex with men? [Hesitantly] Sure.
Then the lord of all gay Republican man-whore hypocrites weighs in:
RADAR: I have one more question. It's from Jeff Gannon, actually, whom many in the media have compared you to. How do you handle the angry left?

SANCHEZ: The angry left should be dealt with like a dog on a chained leash, so it can only lunge at you so far before it hurts itself.
Yeah, no sexual issues there. Give that man a blog! (And a leash, apparently.)

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