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So-called conservatives furious over GOP presidential candidates

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Gosh, I guess I'm still stumped here, wondering where all of these people were the last few years when the GOP was jamming through wild spending and invading countries based on lies. Something tells me that if this group can't even find room on the Brownback minibus (his bandwagon might even more closely resemble a tuk-tuk) they might possibly, ever-so-slightly, be just outside of the American mainstream and on the wacko extreme of an extremist party.

"I feel very angry and betrayed" by the GOP, some of whose elected officials have backed a "guest worker" immigration plan, abortion rights and tax increases, said Richard Viguerie, chairman of "We should withhold support from all major Republican [presidential] candidates today. Not one of them deserves our support today," he told a ballroom full of activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference annual meeting Thursday.

Further, he said, conservatives should withhold "all support" from GOP national committees, which Viguerie said have not produced federal candidates who adhere to conservative principles.
Do tell...what precisely are those principles? Invading foreign lands? Promoting fear, hatred and bigotry? Destroying the budget and selling debt to China?

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