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Iraq, in memoriam

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The fine folks at Brave New Films have once again conceived a product of impressive quality and heart-breaking poignancy. To mark the anniversary of the war, they crafted a video memorial to honor those who lost their lives serving in Iraq.

The images and stories bring home what is, for many, a war that exists outside of daily life. Millions of Americans don't know any of the soldiers who fight or even the families they leave behind. This project (which I should note is not a partisan effort) helps to change that, by showing a collection of one-minute clips featuring friends and family talking about their loved ones, at once celebrations and memorials of lives -- and more specifically, fathers, mothers, children, brothers, sisters, friends -- lost in Iraq.

Putting a face on necessary wars help us understand the sacrifices being made, strengthening our resolve against enemies that must be defeated; putting a face on unnecessary, ill-conceived, mismanaged wars of choice should strengthen our resolve against those who perpetuate a continuing national nightmare and also strengthen our support for those who have been affected by the malfeasance.

Meet Gilda Carbornaro . . . and Celeste Zappala . . . and Martha Moore . . . and so many others. See them in this remarkable online memorial, with an abbreviated version here, and remember.

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