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Gays declare war on Coulter

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Let the fun begin. This just in from the Human Rights Campaign, the largest gay civil rights advocacy group in the US:

Last night, Coulter defended herself on Fox News by saying "faggot" isn’t offensive to gays. Wrong! We all know the truth is that "faggot" is a loaded word. It is a weapon used to demean and wound our community. And perhaps she should explain to the tens of thousands of gay kids, whose personal safety is too often threatened, that when they are called "faggot" in school hallways and playgrounds, it isn’t anti-gay....

Would so many of our elected officials and members of the news media be so indifferent if Coulter had gone on a racist, anti-Semitic tirade? Of course not. The fact is that everyone should be treating Ann Coulter as the equivalent of David Duke. Because she is....

The media must stop giving Coulter the opportunity to broadcast her vile slurs. Any time Coulter’s column runs in a newspaper, these news outlets are giving her credibility as a respected voice in the national dialogue. They are putting the stamp of approval of their newspaper on Coulter’s level of discourse. Well, will they continue? Or will they finally say: Enough!

....Already today, three major American corporations have spoken out and pulled their advertising from Coulter’s website. We must insist that the news media follow the lead of Verizon, Sallie Mae and Georgia-based NetBank and place Ann Coulter in the "off-limits" category along with the "David Dukes" of the world — where she belongs.

Take action today! Stand up and send a clear message to Ann Coulter, and those who would provide her with a platform, that calling someone a "faggot" is wrong, and we won’t sit by without taking action.

Make sure that Ann Coulter’s platform for bigotry and hate is dismantled.

Contact Universal Press Syndicate, the largest independent newspaper syndicate in the world, and let them know that carrying Ann Coulter as a syndicated columnist is not acceptable.

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