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Friday Orchid Blogging

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Today is a fun one: Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel 'Naepu' x Angel Hair 'North'

This is one I just got, and it's a multi-floral, meaning many blooms at once. It's totally cool. Basically, the flower unfurls much like the monster in Alien opens up, the head rises slowly, the legs or arms or whatever slowly unfold from within the pouch. I swear someone with that movie was inspired by multi-floral paphs. They're totally creepy, but quite striking once they're finally fully open.

These are a few pictures taken just today, you can see how already the flower is progressing quite a lot in just the past day.

Those petals, if all goes well, will be long and beautiful. Below are 3 examples of how this cross has turned out in the past - I don't own these plants. You get a sense of the variation possible, just like the possible combinations amongst brothers and sisters. Should be fun to see the final product, I'll keep you informed. JOHN

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