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Cliff's Corner

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The Week That Was 3/2/07

Another week. More preposterousness to report.

"The Number 23." It's that new "psychological thriller" starring Jim Carrey about how a "man's life unravels" when he comes across a book with that very title.

Psychological thriller. Man's life unraveling. The number 23. Where have I seen this before?

Oh, right, The King of Crawford's current approval rating for his Iraq policy. That's right, only 23% in a new New York Times poll support Bush's bridge-to-foreign-policy-nowhere that increasingly seems like it was conceived by Mo, Larry or Curly (my bet's on the latter).

I'm not sure, but am guessing coming down with a case of the crabs, John Tesh's poetic lyrics set to song, and that astronaut with the adult diapers all have higher approval ratings.

It would be funny, if not so tragic. This week a young boy who needed a tooth extraction which cost 80 bucks, couldn't get it because he had no health insurance, and DIED because the bacteria spread to his brain. No, not in Sri Lanka. Or Zambia. But right here in Maryland.

This while that portly pile of gelatinous goo known as our vice president rips Americans off millions with his reach-around friends at Haliburton, George W. Bush and his borderline-retarded daughters never hold an honest job in their lives and the rest of the kleptocracy "slow bleeds" American workers (see the recent threats to block Homeland Security funding by the GOP if we dare give the 43,000 TSA workers bargaining rights)...well I had better stop before I go searching in the street for a random conservative to pummel.

So we may not have money for our citizens, but George W. Bush's deranged visions of Middle East kumbaya and Bill Kristol's sticky-pantsed dreams of Iraq's government resembling debates in the British Parliament, that we have billions and billions to throw at.

And now onto that party I am supposed to be able to respect. The Democrats. What the hell is it with you guys? I mean really. There are some notable exceptions. But the rest of you, when will you stop acting like a 29-year old blond locked alone in room with Don Sherwood?

Reminder: You won in 2006. Your vision triumphed. Conservatism was dealt a death blow. You have the chance to create a lasting majority, which sadly, is largely possible because of the death and destruction caused by LieberBushMcCainConnell.

So govern on this issue for Christ's sake! It is morally right, it is politcally right. You'll survive being left off of Dr. Dobson's Christmas list. Ted Haggard's parties are much more fun anyhow.

Please represent the 77% of us who have realized that George Bush is to Iraq what The Urinator is to Walter Reed.

For more on this and other topics, go to (specifically, for my battle with Rush Limbaugh, go here).

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