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Ralph Nader may throw the election again in 2008

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It's time to defund any organization still affiliated with Ralph Nader. He got Bush elected in 2000, probably got Bush re-elected in 2004, and now hopes to get another Republican elected president in 2008.

Nader's vote total exceeded Bush's margin over Gore in Florida (as did those of several other third party candidates) and in New Hampshire.... Nader's vote total in Florida was 97,488 where the final certified vote count had a margin of 537.
And now he's thinking of running again in 2008.

Tell me, what more could Ralph Nader do to help destroy our country? What more could Ralph Nader do to help ensure bad government and corporate excess - issues he claims he cares about - than helping elect a Republican president AGAIN (well, again AGAIN)? Nader has done more to hurt the very causes he espouses than anyone. Seriously, exactly how has Ralph "Spoiler" Nader's attacks on the Democratic party helped move the party more towards Nader's point of view? How has his tough love helped make the party a better place? How has Nader's empowerment of George Bush and Dick Cheney, twice, helped end corporate welfare? It hasn't. All Nader has accomplished has been throwing the elections to the Republicans, and their corporate buddies, without accomplishing any change at all in the party itself.

So thanks, Ralph, but no thanks. We really liked you before you went crazy.

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