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NYT profiles FDL's coverage of the Libby trial

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Today's NY Times profiles the bloggers at Firedoglake and their excellent -- and groundbreaking -- coverage of the Libby trial. Marcy Wheeler provided some interesting insight:

Some bloggers at the trial have seen their skepticism about mainstream reporting confirmed.

“It’s shown me the degree to which journalists work together to define the story,” said Marcy Wheeler, author of a book on the case, “Anatomy of Deceit,” and the woman usually in the Firedoglake live-blogger seat.

Ms. Wheeler, a business consultant from Michigan who writes under the nom-de-blog “emptywheel,” believes that some trial revelations have been underplayed in the conventional media because “once the narrative is set on a story, there’s no deviating from it.”
Thankfully, Marcy and FDL deviated from the traditional media narrative. In fact, the traditional media was part of the narrative of this case. The trials exposed how many, many of the major players in the D.C. press corps knew that Libby, Rove and other top White House staffers leaked Valerie Plame's name. And, they just played along with the Bush team's denials.

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