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GOP launches attack from their "war room" on Iraq Vet Patrick Murphy (D-PA)

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After Pennsylvania's freshman Democratic Representative Patrick Murphy, an Iraqi war vet, delivered his amazing floor speech last night (which you can see here), the GOP's "war room" launched an attack. And, of course, the GOP's attack came via the Moonie paper.

Funny how the GOP uses a "war room" in the very safe and protected confines of the Capitol building to criticize a member of Congress who actually served in the war that the House is debating. Murphy's office responded:

"Congressman Murphy is absolutely proud of his service and the work done by the 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq. The right wing's go-to move is to try and smear veterans. Fortunately, Pennsylvanians understand that it's no contradiction that Congressman Murphy is both proud of his service and opposed to the Bush administration's wrong-headed policies in Iraq."
Of course, the GOP can't figure that out. They don't know that it's possible to oppose Bush's mis-guided war while still supporting the troops -- even when members, like Patrick Murphy, who served in Iraq -- explain it to them.

I'm sure the GOP doesn't see any irony in their use of the term "war room" to attack a real war vet. But they're messing with the wrong guy. This is all a political game for the GOP. For soldiers like Murphy, it is life and death.

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