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Pro-"surge" Senator Joe Lieberman says he may back Republican for president

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Joe Lieberman is no friend to moderate middle-of-the-road Americans. We've been saying it for a while now, and the rest of the country is finally seeing his true colors. Lieberman supports George Bush, Lieberman thinks the war in Iraq is going well, Lieberman supports the Bush/McCain "surge" plan to escalate the war in Iraq and send 20,000 more troops. Lieberman is the go-to guy who Dick Cheney now uses to defend his and Bush's plans for further escalating the war in Iraq. From Newsweek:

QUESTION: Sen. [Chuck] Hagel said some pretty harsh things about the administration. He said there was no strategy. He said—It's not the first time. He said it was a "Ping-Pong game with human beings." Do you have a reaction to that?

DICK CHENEY: I thought that Joe Lieberman's comments ... were very important. Joe basically said the plan deserved an opportunity to succeed ... that we're sending Gen. [David] Petraeus out with probably a unanimous or near-unanimous [confirmation] vote, and that it didn't make sense for Congress to simultaneously then pass a resolution disapproving of the strategy in Iraq.
Joe Lieberman isn't a moderate Democrat. He isn't even a moderate Republican. On the issues that count, Joe Lieberman is a George Bush Republican, a conservative Republican. A McCain Republican. And while that might have been nice immediately following September 11 when we were all scared to death and didn't know any better, now it just comes across as delusional.

And now he's talking of supporting a Republican for president because - what? - we haven't had enough Republican control of our country the past six years? Delusional.

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