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Open thread

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By the way, there's a rumor going around that needs to be dispelled. Far-right groups, mostly religious right types, are spreading the rumor that the Democrats are about to pass anti-lobbying legislation that will shut down all the conservative and liberal advocacy groups. Funny, therefore, that none of the liberal non-profits are very worried about the legislation shutting them down. That's because it won't shut anyone down. It's a lobbying disclosure bill, period. Yes, the ACLU has some qualms about it, but that's normal - they're a free speech group. But it should tell you something that the only groups who are concerned are the religious right and a few arch-conservative direct mail types like Richard Viguerie. Their latest ploy is claiming that bloggers will be regulated by this bill. Not true, according to folks I talk to on the Hill - well, unless the blogger in question accepts $25,000 to use their blog to lobby for some specific legislation.

We should be so lucky.

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