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Bush's approval ratings reach even new lows

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The steady stream of horrible news from Iraq is a big part of the reason Bush's approval ratings continue to tank -- and we see that again in the latest Newsweek poll. Joe Lieberman and John McCain may still love Bush, but they are among the few. Americans have had enough of Bush's war:

When President George W. Bush declared earlier this month that the only way to quell sectarian violence in Iraq was to send more than 20,000 additional American troops, he probably knew the move would be unpopular. Indeed, the latest NEWSWEEK poll finds that Bush’s call for a “surge” in troops is opposed by two-thirds (68 percent) of Americans and supported by only a quarter (26 percent). Almost half of all respondents (46 percent) want to see American troops pulled out “as soon as possible.”

Bush’s Iraq plan isn’t doing anything for his personal approval rating either; it’s again stuck at its lowest point in the history of the poll (31 percent). Meanwhile, the new Democratic-controlled Congress is getting relatively high marks. And 55 percent actually trust Congressional Dems on U.S. policy in Iraq, far more than the 32 percent who trust their commander in chief.
The American people think it's time to wrap this war up. Congress needs to take bold action. Soon.

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