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Bush was against our children breathing lead before he was for it

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As Chris noted earlier this morning, George Bush is on the verge of deciding that America's children need more lead in their air.

I'm not kidding.

After thirty years of America cutting the amount of lead that gets pumped into our environment, the Republicans have decided that our air is just a bit too clean. So they're now looking at gutting the Clean Air Act provision that limit the amount of lead that big business pumps in to our air. Why? Because big business asked them to.

Interestingly, at the beginning of his presidency, George Bush didn't like lead. From the White House's own Web site:He thought it was very very bad.

Lead is a persistent and highly toxic substance that can cause a range of environmental and health problems. It has an especially harmful impact on the health of children and infants. And it is found too often in some of America's older, poorer communities.
Bush administration officials told the media that Bush was going to find ways to gut our laws without having to go to Congress, and that's exactly what he's planning to do.

Then again, this is nothing new. For years, Bush has been circumventing the law, ignoring Congress, and simply doing what he wants. Many Americans found it quaint that our president would circumvent the law simply because he thought it was best. Well, this is what you get when you give an inch. Bush and the Republicans are now circumventing our laws to the detriment of our air and our children.

This is what you get when you vote Republican.

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