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Who would have guessed? Cheney in Baghdad for photo op

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Hmm, a visit to Saudi Arabia at Thanksgiving and he goes to Iraq. Shocking. So since everything is going so well and Cheney wants to stay the course, will he do a walk about or just another candy ass visit to the Green Zone? C'mon Dick, are you a man or a mouse? With all of the positive news from Cheney about Iraq, why not go out and meet the people who are crying out for democracy instead of staying in the wimpy Green Zone? Now that Dick has tuned up on his gun skills out in the fields of Texas he ought to be ready to take on the safe streets of Baghdad.

UPDATE 8:01 a.m.: Cheney's office is now denying that he's in Iraq: "He is not there now." "Now" seems to be the operative word. The Iraqis may have stepped on his fake Thanksgiving photo-op. But, if he goes to the quagmire, he should bring his wife, Lynn. She's a big supporter of the war, too. Chris is right. If Dick goes, he should really tour the country and see first-hand the havoc they've wreaked.

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