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White House claims it wants to "get rid of partisanship"

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And then they take a jab at incoming Speaker Pelosi. Uh huh, sounds like more of the same out of the WH. Did they just miss the massive rejection of that kind of nonsense that the American public just delivered yesterday? They don't get it and won't get it.

The president wants to work with the new House leaders, said Snow, and was encouraged by several Democrats' calls "to get rid of partisanship."

"Bush wants to go back to the Texas model. He's always reached out. He's been trying over the last couple of years with limited success," Snow said.

But despite the new House leaders, White House officials are not writing off the chamber as a bastion of liberalism, Snow said, adding that Bush believes the chamber will actually mirror his thinking on issues -- and perhaps even reject Pelosi's on occasion.

"Three dozen blue dogs have voted against her on various issues," Snow said, using a nickname for conservative Democrats. "And it's the conservative Democrats who made real gains."
Go back to the Texas model? When did we ever see any serious attempt by Bush to work together, ever, with anyone? He even jammed his policies down the throats of his own Republican members of Congress. Now Bush is suddenly the new guy in town who plans on being a uniter, not a divider? Yeah, and they're already taking pot-shots at Pelosi.

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