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There are serious problems with the vote in Florida's 13th CD

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Figures that the 13th CD in Florida is the district Katherine Harris represented. The Democrat, Christine Jennings, is currently behind her opponent, Vern Buchanan, by 368 votes. But there is something seriously wrong with the vote tally from Sarasota county. According to the county's website, there an undervote of over 18,382 in the county for the Congressional race. That's over 10 times the undervote for the Senate race. Something is rotten in Sarasota County:

We're been watching this closely in Sarasota," said Lowell Finley, co-director and legal director for Voter Action, a national group formed in 2005 to challenge cases of voter fraud caused by electronic voting machines.

"The results are extremely irregular, and the fact that a large number of votes don't seem to be counted in just one race on these electronic machines is a very suspicious circumstance. We don't think the official results are accurate by any means."

At the heart of Jennings' argument is that 18,382 voters who cast ballots didn't vote for anyone in the 13th Congressional District race. That's about 15,000 more "undervotes" than in the last midterm election.

If Democrats can prove that a technical glitch caused the undervote, they'll argue that Jennings won nearly 53 percent of the Sarasota County vote.
There's no way that something didn't screw up here. It should come as no surprise that the State of Florida and the top Sarasota County elections official think that the results are :
Jenny Nash, a spokeswoman in Tallahassee for the Florida Department of State, which oversees elections, said undervotes can be "protest votes" and that the election agency has seen unusual returns before.

"I just can't put myself in the voter's mind," she said.

Voters also tend to skip votes farther down the ballot. But in Sarasota, the House race was among the first three.

The top election official in Sarasota County defended her office but said she wasn't sure why there was a high number of undervotes.

"We did a good election," said Kathy Dent, Sarasota County's top election official. "Our poll workers did exactly what we asked them to do."
The results have no integrity. Buchanan can't be elected because of a technical glitch.

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