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Romney hires race-baiting, extremist ad consultant

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With the GOP going back to their old ways with race baiting and the promotion of the tainted Trent Lott, we can see pretty clearly that many in the party are itching to turn the clock back again. So much for their efforts to reach out to African-American voters. Romney may quickly become the darling of the crazy wing in the GOP with this move.

"The truest spots, most factual spots, are the negative and comparative," he said. "They inform the voters much more than a bunch of fluffy positives often do."

In 1990, Castellanos produced a controversial ad blasting Helms's Democratic challenger, Harvey Gantt, who is black, for his support of racial quotas. The ad depicted a pair of white hands ripping up a rejection letter from an employer. "You needed that job and you were the best qualified, but they had to give it to a minority," the narrator says.

Castellanos also produced an infamous television ad for Bush against Vice President Al Gore in 2000, in which the word rats was superimposed over attacks on Gore's prescription drug plan. Castellanos said at the time that it was unintentional and merely a video editing quirk, but Democrats accused him -- and, by extension, Bush -- of using a subliminal derogatory message.
Despite Castellanos' best effort this year, his firm failed miserably in their efforts for the Republican Governors Association. Maybe America just doesn't respond as well to his throw-back style any longer.

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