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NY Times reports on the GOP harassing robo-calls

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The GOP's dirty tricks are capturing the attention of the media. Tomorrow's Times runs a piece on the annoying and probably illegal robo-calls:

Complaints about the recent Republican calls first surfaced about a week ago in a smattering of states. Rozanne Ronen, who lives in a Chicago suburb, said she had gotten more than 20 of the calls, all relating to the same House race. “To me, it’s just harassment,” she said.

New York Democratic Party officials complained Monday that the calls also had been made on Sunday and Monday to voters in four hotly contested House districts.

The Democrats say that a few calls have been made in the early morning or middle of night, and that some voters received several calls minutes apart. Republican officials said that would have happened only if there was a computer glitch.

Others, like Ms. Hollis, the Villanova professor, say they have filed complaints with the Federal Communications Commission. Its rules on automated calls require that callers state their identity at the beginning of the message. These calls end with a disclaimer that they were paid for by the Republican committee; no identification is made at the start of the message.
The Republicans cheat to win even if it means breaking the law. There have to be consequences for this behavior. There has to be punishment. There have to be prosecutions. And, if the existing laws don't cover this, there need to be new laws. They are undermining democracy because they have nothing to run on. Nothing.

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