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Iraq, Iraq, Iraq. And the elections.

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Even a few months ago, there were people who thought this election would come down to the Republican culture of corruption, or the Medicare hole, or even simply "the economy". Ironically, the two groups most strongly resisting these narratives were activists/netroots and foreign policy types. Having one foot firmly planted in each group, it was both surprising and gratifying to hear the "crazy left" and the "sell-out centrists" unite over the most important political issue of this election, and perhaps of this generation: Iraq.

Iraq is a killer. It's killing our economy, which is ravaged by overspending and horrendous prioritization. It's killing our ability to work with countries across the world. It's killing our efforts against violent extremism. It's slowly killing our shared understanding of what it means to be American, which used to include opposition to torture, adherence to the Bill of Rights, and a force for hope and optimism at home and abroad. Most of all, it's killing our fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, sons, daughters, and friends.

Tomorrow, we get to say, ENOUGH. Enough stay the course, enough arrogance, and enough of a rubber-stamp Congress that has failed in its Constitutional duties and focused more on political survival than the will and needs of Americans.

No one will ever take responsibility for Iraq, now commonly described as the greatest strategic blunder in American history. Liberal hawks have long disowned the war, principled convervatives weren't far behind, and now even neoconservatives are frantically jumping into the lifeboat of repudiation from this Titanic effort. Who will be left holding the bag? You will. I will. We all will.

Democrats in the political process are united as I've never seen before. After the election, some will of course spar who takes the credit for accomplishments and who takes the blame for where we fell short, but for now, in these last hours of hard-fought campaigns across the country, it has been an incredible push.

Let's tell our representatives that we know what's important. Let's tell them that current policies are unacceptable. Let's send a message that if Congress doesn't persuade President Bush to change the course in Iraq, and in so many other failed policies, we'll ensure that the elections in 2008 make 2006 look like a Republican cakewalk. Let's go vote.

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