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GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell: Give us our right wing theocratic judges or we'll filibuster

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The GOP still wants to stack the federal bench with theocratic, extremist judges. Mitch McConnell sounded like he was making a filibuster threat against the Democrats. But wait, is McConnell really saying that the GOP Senators will filibuster and slow down the Senate to get their way? Didn't they just rail against those tactics when the Democrats used them?:

The Senate's next Republican leader issued a veiled threat to block action on legislation if Democrats refuse to allow confirmation votes on President Bush's troubled judicial nominations.

Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who will become minority leader Jan. 4, told the conservative Federalist Society Friday not to feel bad about the Senate election results because Republicans will hold 49 seats in a body that requires 60 votes to end a filibuster and bring legislation or presidential nominees to a final vote.

If the "Democrats want our cooperation, they'll give the president's judicial nominees an up-or-down vote," McConnell said.

Vice President Dick Cheney told the same group Friday that Republicans' loss of Congress in last week's election won't dissuade Bush from continuing to nominate strict-constructionist judges to the federal bench.
The GOP doesn't control the Senate. Now, they're in the minority. Watch them use the same filibuster that just months ago they were castigating. Such hypocrites.

UPDATE: Think Progress has the goods on McConnell advocating the nuclear option back in March of 2005. That was during an interview with Fox News where McConnell was also defending the GOP's intervention in the Terri Schiavo case.

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