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GOP fraudulent "robo-calls" in Nebraska are actually using the Dem candidate's voice!

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Throw these people in jail.

Now the Republicans are actually using Democrat Scott Kleeb's voice and calling people several times an hour in order to harass them, and tick them off against Kleeb. This has been happening across the country simultaneously. It's been happening in states where the Republican party hired a specific company that makes these kind of calls. This is a coordinated nationwide effort by the Republican party to suppress voting through fraud.

I want these people in jail. And if the laws aren't strong enough to catch them, then we strengthen the laws when we take over congress. No one should be allowed to defraud voters of their vote - not Democrats, not Republicans. Either party does this, you go to jail for a long time. It just happens that this election, all the fake calls are targeting Democrats.

Had enough?

This is from Nebraska's "The Independent" (I'm not linking because you have to register to see the content, and the registration is impossible to navigate - so they lose.)

Just because it's Scott Kleeb's prerecorded voice on the other line, doesn't mean his campaign is behind the phone call, according to his communications director.

Prerecorded telephone messages supposedly from Kleeb, a Third Congressional District candidate, have been repeatedly calling people in Central Nebraska, and Ben Lumpkin, Kleeb's communications director, is concerned about the effects.

The messages, known as robocalls, are designed to inform voters about certain candidates. However, Lumpkin said he has received numerous complaints about the prerecorded messages calling repeatedly -- as many as six times an hour....

"We've had a couple of people who said they were tired of the harassing phone calls and wanted us to stop calling," she said. Some of them said they weren't going to vote for Kleeb, or at all, as a result, she said. "It's creating a bad environment for our volunteers," she said. "The point is to depress voter turnout."

Quirk said Kleeb's campaign isn't behind the repeated calls and she worries about the robocalls' impact. "They'll probably find out who's doing this, but it won't be today or tomorrow, and by then it will be too late," she said Monday....

One of the people who had complained about the calls is Jack Sandeen, a HastingsÂ? resident who volunteered with Kleeb's campaign this summer.

Sandeen came into the Adams County Democratic Party headquarters Monday to tell Quirk about the calls and even spoke to Kleeb, who stopped by the office while in Hastings. Sandeen said he and his wife had received five calls between Sunday evening and Monday. His wife listened to one of the calls in its entirety and, since she told her husband about the call, he hung up when they got another one....

He thought it was odd they received more then one call and said the recording was of low quality, like a recording of a recording....

According to the Associated Press, in at least 53 competitive House races, the National Republican Campaign Committee had launched hundreds of thousands of robocalls, which had sparked a handful of complaints to the FCC.

FCC rules say all prerecorded messages must state clearly the identity of the business, individual or other entity that is responsible for initiating the call, and that statement must be at the beginning of the message, according to the Associated Press.

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