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Corrupt Jefferson resorts to gay-bashing. Karen Carter must win in Louisiana's Second District

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Help Karen win. Contribute here. Every dollar matters.

It should come as no surprise that William Jefferson is one of the biggest hypocrites of the year. The Louisiana Congressman, who had $90,000 stashed in his freezer, is viciously attacking his opponent in the December 9th runoff for taking the exact same positions that Jefferson has taken.

This tidbit from New Orleans City Business gives the flavor of the race:

In her run-off against Congressman Bill Jefferson, D-New Orleans, state Rep. Karen Carter, D-New Orleans, will face questions about her strong support of gay rights and abortion. Because of her stance, Carter has been endorsed by Emily’s List and received donations from the group, an activist pro-choice organization.

Expect the issue to be raised by Jefferson in the runoff. He is cultivating religious leaders to support his campaign. Many African-American ministers are already supporting Jefferson, and the congressman is hoping to pick up the support of white pastors as well.

When third-place finisher state Sen. Derrick Shepherd, D-Marrero, officially endorsed Jefferson at a news conference last week, one of the reasons he cited was Carter’s stance on social issues. How this will play with voters in the final days of the race remains to be seen.
Jefferson is an affront to the Democratic party. He's the symbol of corruption. Now, he's becoming a beacon of gay-bashing for political purposes. Both of those were almost exclusively the domain of the GOP.

Jefferson has been a strong advocate of both gay rights and choice in his career. He actually had a 100% voting record (pdf version) with the Human Rights Campaign a couple years ago. 100% -- yet, now he's anti-gay. This year, Jefferson has a 100% voting record on choice issues. 100% -- yet, now he's anti-choice. He'll do anything and say anything to win. He's a hypocrite.

Karen Carter won't back down from her pro-gay, pro-choice positions. She has to win. Gay-bashing and corruption cannot prevail in the Democratic party. The runoff is December 9th. This is now a race between a true Democrat and a corrupt, bigoted incumbent who is acting like a Republican. Help Karen win. Contribute here. Every dollar matters.

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