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ABC News: RNC Accepts Money From Army Porn Movie Distributor

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UPDATE: To fully appreciate where the Republican party is getting the money they're using on local Republican campaigns, I am posting a link to the gay porn movie in question. Warning: This link is NOT work-friendly, and it is extremely pornographic. You have been warned. I have decided to post the link because it is important that people are fully aware of just who the Republican National Committee has no qualms dealing with on a regular basis, of what kind of money they are happy to accept.

As an aside, you'll recall that when female porn star Mary Carey gave the GOP $5000 two years in a row, they not only publicly accepted the money, they sat her down to dinner with George Bush and lunch with Karl Rove.

I have no problem with gay porn, but they do - or so they claim. This is the x-rated link to the promo for the pornographic video.

Holy mother of God. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

From ABC's Brian Ross, one of the few real journalists left in America:

Despite running an attack ad accusing a Democratic senatorial candidate of accepting money from "porn movie producers," the Republican National Committee itself has accepted several donations over the past few years from the president of a large pornographic movie distribution company.

Marina Pacific Distributors calls itself "the leader in adult video distribution." Included in the movies for sale on their Web site are videos made by "Active Duty Productions." Active Duty, as their name suggests, has cast active duty soldiers in some of their films but not without serious consequences for the soldiers.

Three Fort Bragg soldiers were found guilty and sentenced to prison in separate courts-martial earlier this year for appearing in pornographic videos made by Active Duty. The charges included sodomy and conduct detrimental to the Army. Four other soldiers accused of appearing in Active Duty videos were also punished outside of the military court system.

Active Duty's films, however, continue to be sold by large pornographic video distributors, including Marina Pacific.

The president of Marina Pacific, Nicholas Boyias, has personally contributed to the Republican party several times over the last few years, six times to the Republican National Committee. The donations range from $200 to $500 and total around $2,000, according to a search of federal election records.

The RNC would not comment on the donations from Boyias or from the porn industry in general.

A Marina Pacific spokesman said Boyias is a moderate Republican who supports candidates and causes on both sides of the aisle, though no contributions to Democrats were found in a search of federal election records.

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