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Vote for Corker, he's whiter

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Bob Corker, the Aryan Nation Republican candidate for US Senate from Tennessee, is now running ads about his African-American opponent Harold Ford and playing jungle drums in the background every time Ford's name is mentioned. And, as TPM Election Central notes, this time Corker can't blame the racist ad on Ken Mehlman and the Republican National Committee - this is one of Corker's own ads.

I was a bit surprised not seeing the usual GOP gay-bashing election ads this month, the stuff that always comes up the month before the election, since homophobia is usually the bigotry of choice for Republicans wanting to get out the vote. But this year is different. For some reason the GOP has decided to ignore the gays, and even Latinos, and go back to their tried and true traditional old racism.

It's rather shocking, and telling as to not just how desperate the Republicans are in the face of a Democratic tidal wive, but also how far the Republican party has not come in terms of dealing with its racist past.

You can listen to the ad here.

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