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"Use it or Lose it" is gaining attention, makes the NY Times. Time for safe Dems. to pay up

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Last week, Chris Bowers from MyDD came up with a terrific idea: get the ultra-safe Democrats without opponents or with just token opposition to donate from their huge war chests to the DCCC.

That idea evolved in to a netroots campaign called "Use It or Lose it".

MoveOn got on board providing a handy reporting page. There are 70 House members in the safe category sitting on $50 million. The Democrats cannot be outspent this year -- and if their caucus members would chip in, they won't be.

Today's NY Times covered the growing movement to get the Democrats to pony up to win:

Chris Bowers, who writes for the popular political blog, conceived the idea that MoveOn adopted. It was an outgrowth of an online discussion about how Democrats were considering taking out a loan of up to $10 million to challenge Republicans in seats that once did not appear competitive.

“This is an extraordinary election cycle,” Mr. Bowers said. “By challenging every seat, we actually stretch Republican resources so thin that we could swing the election.”

By the close of business on Monday, organizers said, only Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts had agreed to contribute 30 percent of his campaign balance, which would amount to nearly $74,000. But other members of Congress, the organizers said, are considering answering the appeal.
Only Barney has come through. That's pathetic.

If your members of Congress are on the safe list, call them and urge them to chip in. MyDD and MoveOn both have the lists and the contact info. Now is not the time for the safe Dems. to hoard campaign money.

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