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Gay marriage losing punch as a political issue

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Uh oh, the Republican party may have to start focusing on real issues now. I always get a kick out of Republicans (and people - not to confuse the two) who say the Democrats don't stand for anything, but you can always rattle off what the Republicans stand for, namely:

1. Limited government.
2. Tax cuts.
3. Strong defense.
4. Family Values.

The only problem? They don't stand for any of those things, other than tax cuts. And at some point, you've cut taxes so far it's dangerous, and counter-productive to the other supposed goals.

Limited government? Let us all laugh together.

Tax cuts? Yeah, so much that they've turned Bill Clinton's $400 billion surplus into a massive deficit (see "limited government").

Strong defense? Uh, creating more terrorists not fewer (see the "NIE"), invading the wrong country (Iraq), and never finishing the job in the country you'd already invaded (Afghanistan), is not a strong defense.

Family Values. Two words: Mark Foley.

The GOP talks a good talk. But in the end, they've been preaching the same party platform for 30 years now, and it's getting a bit old. They don't even mean the things they're saying because they don't know what else to say. They don't stand for anything other than tired slogans.

Had enough?

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