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Breaking scandal in Nevada involving, of course, a Republican

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BIG UPDATE: Did Gibbons' wife, the possible next First Lady of Nevada, commit perjury?

The local news coverage, in the video below, makes clear that Gibbons' wife Dawn signed federal legal documents in 1988, under the penalty of perjury, stating that everyone knew the woman, Patricia, was undocumented and that she'd worked for the family since 1987, cooking, cleaning and babysitting, and even had an employment contract for $800/month. The employee, Patricia, says she was paid every two weeks, and worked ten hours days, 50 hours a week. But then, at the end of the broadcast we learn that the TV news team has just received a statement from Dawn Gibbons claiming that she tried to help Patricia for a time, but only with occasional odd jobs, and not as a full time employee. The news broadcaster said that this statement contradicts what Dawn Gibbons said under oath in the federal documents. If true, that's called perjury - from the woman who plans on being Nevada's next First Lady. This story is huge.
This time it's the governor's candidate, Republican Congressman Jim Gibbons, the guy who was accused last week of attacking a young woman in a parking lot. Today we find out that the very anti-immigration Gibbons had an illegal alien working for him for years, and even hid her in the basement.

It's 8 minutes and 24 seconds of local news in Nevada, that is a HUGE story, no one does a story that long.

Oh man. Here is the local news story in Nevada from the 5pm news tonight in Las Vegas.

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