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Allen's campaign smacks of desperation

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George Allen has been in public office for decades. Last night, Allen's campaign ran a second two minute ad, this time with John Warner as a prop:

Meanwhile, Allen stood side by side last night with Sen. John Warner (R) in a two-minute commercial broadcast on television stations statewide. Warner, the state's senior senator, is almost as popular as the former governor, according to the Post poll, which listed Warner's favorability at 66 percent.
A couple weeks ago, Allen did the two-minute ad ploy, he used his wife as a prop. Literally, she just stood in the background. Now, Allen is actually running ads featuring only his wife.

To me, buying those long ads and having one's spouse doing all the talking in an ad smacks of desperation.

Allen has never been on the defensive in a campaign. When he ran for Governor he wasn't. When he ran against Chuck Robb in 2000 he wasn't. But he is now. And, he can't handle it.

Looks like Ken Mehlman's going to ride in to Virginia to try to save Allen's butt. But, Allen's campaign is showing all the signs of collapsing. This will get really, really ugly before it's over. Really ugly.

Check out Jim Webb's website where you can contribute or sign up to volunteer.

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