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NYT: Disney/ABC filmmaker admits they just made stuff up

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Oh my God, could the Disney/ABC guy be any more flippant about this? This is September 11, for God's sake. He sounds like he's talking about a baseball game.

Mr. Berger’s character is also seen abruptly hanging up during a conversation with a C.I.A. officer at a critical moment of a military operation. In an interview on Wednesday with KRLA-AM in Los Angeles, Cyrus Nowrasteh, the screenwriter of the movie and one of its producers, said that moment had been improvised.

“Sandy Berger did not slam down the phone,” Mr. Nowrasteh said. “That is not in the report. That was not script. But you know when you’re making a movie, a lot of things happen on set that are unscripted. Accidents occur, spontaneous reactions of actors performing a role take place. It’s the job of the filmmaker to say, ‘You know, maybe we can use that.’ ”
Maybe we can use that? YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT SEPTEMBER 11, YOU FREAKS. You people sent this movie to 100,000 school teachers around the country and told them to show it to their kids. And now you're admitting you just made stuff up, and that's somehow okay?

We now have a Disney/ABC representative on-the-record admitting that parts of the movie have been knowingly falsified and that Disney/ABC has no problem with that. They knew the depictions were false and kept them in there. Albright, Berger and Clinton just had their defamation lawsuit handed to them on a silver platter.

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