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GOP hoping for an "outside event" to boost electoral chances

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(Note from John: What is terrorism, Alex?)

Today's Washington Post has an article by Dan Balz and David Broder on how the GOP is facing major challenges to keeping control of the House this fall:

Over the summer, the political battlefield has expanded well beyond the roughly 20 GOP House seats originally thought to be vulnerable. Now some Republicans concede there may be almost twice as many districts from which Democrats could wrest the 15 additional seats they need to take control.
The GOP is getting desperate. They don't want to lose power. Bush and Rove don't want them to lose control of the House. They've been running the government unchallenged for six years now. Last night, John wrote that we can expect to hear more from Al Qaeda over the next couple months. The GOP are counting on something like that to help them:
As the campaign season begins, Democrats are trying to guard against premature celebration, even as their prospects are brighter than most ever imagined. Republicans are hoping for some outside event that would show the president and their party in a better light -- a spate of good news from Iraq, a foiled terrorist plot or an unlikely break in the deadlock over immigration on Capitol Hill.
If the GOP needs an "outside event," count on the ruthless tactics of Karl Rove to provide it.

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