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Gay leader Aleta Fenceroy - part of the Fenceberrys - died

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Aleta and her partner Jean were one of the early pioneers in using the Internet to help the gay community. For years they ran the "Fenceberry" email list, sending out massive amount of daily articles from around the country touching on gay issues.

Mind you, they started in 1993 when running an email list was a novel idea, and you have to remember that back then it was still difficult to find gay news in your local paper, let alone online - most newspapers weren't online, there was no Google, I don't even think there was a Yahoo in 1993. So we had our own lesbian Google, the Fenceberrys.

I cannot tell you how helpful their archive of articles was - I kept them all, still have them all, in a folder on my computer, and they're still quite useful for doing newspaper searches, at least during the era they were publishing.

Anyway, Aleta just died from cancer. She was a good lady, and will be missed.

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