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Another person comes forward and says Allen used the N-word

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New York Times

Christopher Taylor, an anthropology professor at Alabama University in Birmingham, Ala., said that in the early 1980’s he heard Mr. Allen use an inflammatory epithet for African Americans. Mr. Taylor, who is white and was then a graduate student at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, said the term came up in a conversation about the turtles in a pond near Mr. Allen’s property. According to Mr. Taylor, Mr. Allen said that “around here” only the African Americans — whom he referred to by the epithet — “eat ‘em.”
Check out Allen's denial:
“I don’t remember ever using that word and it is absolutely false that that was ever part of my vocabulary.”
"I don't remember" is not a denial. And the phrase "never part of my vocabulary," what exactly does that mean? Does that mean he never used the word, ever? Come on. I could actually forgive someone admitting to having used the word a few times in their life decades ago - I think a lot of adults today would be hard pressed to say "never" - but we're to believe that George Allen NEVER used it, ever?

I guess it depends on what the definition of "nigger" is.

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