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And another GOP candidate calls for dumping Rummy

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That "let's attack the Democrats on the war" thing just hasn't panned out the way Bush, Cheney and Rummy were hoping to see. Now GOP candidate Thomas Kean, Jr is calling for the resignation of Rummy. So is the Churchill-ism about eventually doing the right thing going to prove correct this election season?

But what compelled him to advocate publicly for a "fresh face" leading the troops, Mr. Kean said, were Mr. Rumsfeld's recent remarks chiding critics of the war for moral and intellectual confusion, and comparing them to those who advocated appeasing Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

"By engaging in that kind of rhetoric, this secretary has stepped over the line," Mr. Kean said.

Mr. Kean stopped short of criticizing President Bush, other than saying he had not been "well served" by Mr. Rumsfeld.
I suppose Kean can't quite get the grasp of who sits in the Oval Office, so that's a pretty sad excuse but it's still early in the election cycle.

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