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ABC thinks only Republicans care about September 11, only reaches out to GOP bloggers

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Kevin Brockman
ABC Vice President for Publicity
(818) 460 6655

It's more than a little disturbing that ABC seems to think that Republicans are the only people who care about September 11. But that is exactly what the network is saying by sending advance copies of its upcoming September 11 mockumentary to Republican bloggers but NOT to Democratic bloggers.

Does ABC think that only Republicans care about September 11? Apparently. For the rest of us, watching our friends and family and countrymen die was no big deal, at least according to ABC.

Or does ABC want their fictionalized account of September 11 to be a political contribution to Republicans? Sure looks that way. ABC is only sending advance copies of the show to Republican bloggers, apparently in order to build an even greater Republican following for the show.

Which begs a very large question. If ABC is so sure that their soap opera version of the murder of 3,000 Americans and others on September 11 is unbiased and doesn't make a mockery of one of the most tragic days in American history, then why are they only sharing the film with Republicans? Wouldn't it put the scandal to rest by sending us all copies of this "great" show so we can see how fair and balanced it really is?

Of course it would. And the fact that ABC is only targeting Republicans with this anti-Clinton TV show is prima facie evidence that this is nothing more than one big fat campaign contribution from ABC/Disney to the Republican party. A contribution grotesquely wrapped in the ashes of nearly 3,000 Americans.

It's time for someone to sue ABC.

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