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US soldiers' killing of Reuter's journalist called "unlawful"

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Remember when that CNN guy lost his job after talking about US troops targeting journalists. Of course, at that point we'd already blown up (apparently intentionally) the Al Jazeera station in Afghanistan. (Then there was that Italian journalist we shot.) Well, now there's a Reuter's journalist dead (apparently killed last year) and an independent inquiry found that the killing was "unlawful." Reuters wants the Pentagon to investigate, the Pentagon has refused. And guess what, the Pentagon even "lost" key footage of the incident that could have proven what really happened. When in America does someone get to orchestrate that big a cover-up and get away with it? When it's the Pentagon, and when it's George Bush's America. They break the law because they can.

What right do we have to tell anyone else in the world how to live, what is right and wrong, when our own government has become lawless?

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