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Religious right trying to censor West Point classes

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It's rather disgusting, and typical, that far right extremists are now beating up on a heterosexual West Point cadet for simply writing a thesis in which he argues that the military's ban on gays is bad policy. Now, as someone who someday may very well be involved in making such policy decisions, why would we not want our cadets to exercise their minds and write essays pro and con various policies in order to better be able to evaluate policy in the future?

The religious right would prefer that our cadets write glowing essays about how every single policy our military has ever adopted, and every single military maneuver we've ever engaged in, have been perfection itself. Bay of Pigs? Brilliant! Vietnam? We won! See how easy it is?

The real reason here: The religious right wants to purge anyone from government who doesn't toe their far-right bigoted line. They don't seem to care a lick about national security, nor about winning wars and defeating terrorists and keeping us all safe. What they care about is pleasing their warped view of a vengeful God who apparently has so much time on His hands that he cares about some essay a kid wrote in school.

Terri Schiavo Republicans strike again.

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