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Patricia Todd is the victor in Alabama -- finally

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Wow. Big news from Alabama. The Alabama Democratic Party today voted to dismiss the challenge to Patricia Todd's primary victory.

Birmingham Blues put it best: WE WON.

The Victory Fund released a statement from Chuck Wolfe:

"Finally, the voters have prevailed. We are enormously proud of the courage and tenacity Patricia showed throughout this ordeal, and equally proud of her supporters in Alabama and beyond who stood by her unfailingly. The Victory Fund and its network of donors have worked to ensure Patricia had a level playing field and a fair chance to show that a qualified, committed public servant can win the trust of the voters regardless of her sexual orientation. We have no doubt her career in the legislature will reflect the same determination and skill she showed in her campaign."
Congrats to Patricia Todd and all the folks who made her victory possible. The Victory Fund did a tremendous job....and thanks to Kathy at Birmingham Blues for the great coverage and for keeping us informed of the shenanigans. And I need to thank David L. for getting AMERICAblog hooked on this race in the first place.

Patricia Todd with be the first openly gay member of the Alabama Legislature. That's some big history to make.

UPDATE: Kathy from Birmingham Blues wrote up an account of the Alabama Democratic Party meeting. I thought this was especially interesting:
Patricia was all smiles, and her supporters were ecstatic. I walked out with party Executive Director Jim Spearman, who told me that Howard Dean had called eight times during the meeting to find out what happened. He said he’d been on the phone with Dean all week, and that the DNC was frantic because of all the negative feedback. People were ticked off, and no funds were coming in.

So thanks to all of you who contacted the DNC, the Alabama Democratic Party, your local committee members, and anyone else who would listen to insist that justice be done.

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