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GOP party chairman has nothing left to say

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One of the saddest parts about watching the Republican party whither on the vine is seeing them cart out the same tired slogans and policies over and over again simply because they have nothing left to say.

1. Cut taxes! Been there, done that.

2. Ban abortion! Ditto.

3. Bash the gays, the Mexicans, the Muslims, the Iranis, the North Koreans, the Syrians, the Clintons. Check.

4. Attack random country. Check.

5. No more ideas? Start over again at #1.

The Republican party has run out of ideas. They've destroyed our foreign policy, have lost Osama, derailed the war on terror by invading the wrong country and botching the war, and are slowly destroying the American economy with a massive budget deficit brought on by Bush's never-ending tax cuts.

We are living in conservative nirvana, the entire government is run by Republicans, and they've gotten every policy wish they've always wanted - and it's destroying us. Is this really what people want to vote for all over again this fall?

Fool me on, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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