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Donna Edwards cleaned Al Wynn's clock last night in their debate

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That's the report from the Washington Post:

In their first time sharing a stage, Edwards attacked Wynn on his votes supporting the war in Iraq, the repeal of the estate tax and changes in bankruptcy law.

Edwards said the Democratic congressman has voted in "lockstep" with the Republicans, making him out of sync with the 4th Congressional District, which stretches across parts of Prince George's and Montgomery counties.

She hit him hard on his vote to send troops to Iraq, a stance that Wynn has since described as a mistake. "He says, 'Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have voted for it,' " Edwards said. "Well, 'sorry' is just too late."

Wynn, who appeared unprepared for her criticism, said Edwards clearly did not know what he had delivered for the district.
Donna Edwards will make a great member of Congress. I met Donna 10 years ago when she was running the National Network to End Domestic Violence and I joined their board. She was a pioneer in that issue.

Donna is bright, smart, funny, committed -- and she will truly represent her district, unlike the current member, Al Wynn. Maryland's Fourth District is a Democratic stronghold. Donna's right when she says their Rep. shouldn't be voting with George Bush and the Republican party. Check out her website and help her out if you can. She can win this race -- and she should.

This is a definitely a race worth watching. Read the Post article about her debate and you'll know she's the real deal. The last line says a lot:
Edwards has cast Wynn as a "complacent" incumbent who has betrayed his constituency.

"He voted in support of the war, but it's really more than that," Edwards said yesterday. "It's his voting the Republican line. I don't understand it for our district. It doesn't represent our district."

Edwards said at the Largo forum that Wynn's positions no longer match those of his constituency.

"As long as he chooses to vote lockstep with the Republicans, we will not have health care," Edwards said in response to whether she supports an affordable health care system. She said she supports a single-payer system.

Her supporters, a sizable crowd, broke into thunderous applause.

Gus Alzona, a Republican candidate for the 8th Congressional District, who shared the stage with the two, couldn't resist commenting: "That's a tough act to follow. I'm glad she's not my opponent."

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