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Buchanan: Bush should be impeached (over Immigration, not Iraq)

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Pat was on CNN today spewing his hate rhetoric. He's apoplectic about the immigration issue and was using the "i-word" against Bush:

BUCHANAN: I think the president is not going to be impeached, but he's guilty of an impeachable offense. The Constitution commands the president of the United States to defend the states from an invasion.

When he himself says six million people have been stopped, we don't know how many have gotten in. Most people think about half that number. You've got an invasion.

He hasn't been enforcing the immigration laws and he hasn't been defending the border against an invasion, John. He ain't going to be impeached, because the Democrats are going along with the program, because both of them are beholden to the same corporate people right down there on K Street who want limitless immigration and who want cheap labor, and who want to be able to go abroad and bring in foreign workers into this United States.

So I think that the president of the United States has been derelict in his duty, unlike Dwight Eisenhower who put together something called ["]operation wetback" excuse me, on the border when he had a million immigrants coming in from Mexico. He said we have to stop this, he sent down a general to do it, and they deported those folks. Something has happened to the elites in this country if they can't defend America's border.
He's a real hater, that Pat Buchanan. And he does love kicking that Bush family. Is he preparing for another failed presidential campaign? He does love the limelight . The key plank in his platform this time will be immigrant bashing, although I'm sure we could count on Pat's gay bashing, too.

Buchanan is despicable. The news channels sure give him a lot of air time to spew his venom.

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